Self Drive Car Rental Experience in Uganda


Delightfully holiday in the opulent Pearl of Africa is precise syrupy done alongside a well-fitting vehicle to cruise around. Uganda is endowed to place therapy of suggesting a significantly pleasant holiday trips, with all such praises it will be heart breaking for one not sporting out the best holiday car to use on traversing throughout the country. And spotting out the best holiday car to use, it comes along with benefits to meditate about.

With a wide range of many Uganda car rental operators (car hire agencies) who have availed a wider range of holiday cars to use while driving within and across the east African region. So, there’s variety of option to cherry-pick for a remarkable traveling option.

Of co0urse, vehicles available for holidays or adventures are 4×4 cars and well customized to carry on the right calling. Tickling about holiday cars in Uganda, it isn’t just a matter of hiring any vehicle around but having that superb car which can cruise off the possible embarrassments. Among these varying holiday car fleets, there those for self-drive and for the guided tours.

Here, let’s discuss variety in the vehicles that are available for purposes of adventure. Alright, have your choice, make your request, travel your way, and tell your stories. There quite a number of reliable car hire companies spread across the country suggesting several ranges car rental services (car hire, camping equipment etc.)

Available holiday cars in Uganda

Toyota RAV4 SUV

For travelers with a relaxed traveling budget, the Toyota Rav4 SUV has proved its reliability on all terrain of the country. The 4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a compact crossover made with a full time 4wd that stature it suitable to cruise across the country no matter the weather and roads conditions. This vehicle is a cost friendly vehicle in terms of fuel consumption and very easy to drive made with a 4 automatic transmission or 5- speed manual transmission. The vehicle varies I n size with a 3-window fleet for 2 people and 5 window fleet accommodating up to 4 people.

Land cruiser

The land cruiser of course manifests in various series as well discussed. The vehicles are manufactured by a Japan Toyota automotive company with full time 4×4 wheel drive.

Prado 4×4 Land Cruiser TX and TXL

It’s hosted to cruise for unlimited mileage, Toyota land cruiser TX is very comfortable vehicle paramount selection for African terrain. This holiday car as well is easy vehicle to operate around and every satisfied driver can drive this vehicle. It’s accommodative to economy or mid-range travelers. The holiday Prado Land cruiser TX and TXL available are customized for adventures with a pop up and very comfortable for roof tent camping. The renting is relatively cheaper costing around US$80 – 90 and can accommodate around 4 travelers, enough seating space and enough space for luggage.

4×4 Land Cruiser V8, GX, VX

All these series are very considerate for luxury travelers, comfort is a guarantee taking a long these adventure customized holiday vehicles. The Land Cruiser 4×4 V8, GX and VX are luxurious vehicles selection accommodating a maximum of 4 travelers, and are customized with a pop-up and they can as well be rented for the self-drive holiday adventures. The Toyota land cruiser series are made with the V8, GX, and VX with the full time 4×4.

Land Cruiser Hard Top

Most of the traveler are opting for these super luxurious African adventure vehicles. Having a holiday with the 4×4 land cruiser hard top there is no other places that can hide from your reach.

The hardtop holiday vehicles were made with a twenty-four-hour 4×4 drive, and the vehicles range in 70, 76 and 79 well customized to override all African terrain.

The hardtop some are extended to accommodate from 5 to over 9 travelers with a pop-up rooftop for a finest wildlife view particularly for Savannah game drives.

It’s the unlimited cruise that can maneuver the Kisoro terrain, jump over the Serengeti tougher road and the Amboseli bushes and Savannah back to nearby city.

In most case, with reference of many car rental agencies, the hardtop/extended land cruiser is available for hire with a driver, however, try the luck there may be a chance to have it for a self-drive.

4×4 Safari Vans/ Coasters and Buses

Mass travelers, school, organization or just a traveling group, having holiday safari van is an echoing idea. The van, coaster and Buses as well the cost vary according to the class of travelers name it, luxury, mid-range and economy. The super customs/Toyota Hiace/drones are the options available for group travelers and they can accommodate about 9 people, coasters can carry up to 30 travelers and buses are very accommodative for larger groups as they can carry up to 80 passengers.


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