4X4 Car Hire with Rooftop Tent Gear in Uganda


4X4 Car Hire Uganda is your first priority car rental company that you should consider booking with whenever you are in need of first-class services.

Do you want to rent a good-quality fleet together with camping gears in Uganda? 4X4 Car Hire Uganda offers everything that you may need for a remarkable road trip.

Renting a car from 4X4 Car Hire Uganda with the Rooftop tent rental camping gears gives you a lot of flexibility.

The company offers a variety of good-quality fleets to fit your desires and has all sorts of tourist vehicles that you may need to use wherever you want to go to in Uganda.

Among the cars you are most likely to opt for include; extended land cruisers, land cruisers TX, VX, GX, V8, super customs, safari vans, buses, and Rav4.

Most of the above fleets have pop-up roofs and can be equipped with rooftop tent, except the Rav4, or you can even decide to hire a dome tent from 4X4 Car Hire Uganda.

The pop-up roofs support excellent game viewing in your very own hired private vehicle while in the field, such as in Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo valley National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

While enjoying your game drives and game views in any of the above-mentioned national parks, you are always reminded to stay in your vehicles and never to move out of them unless at designated areas.

The camping gears

A full set of quality camping gear provided by 4X4 Car Hire Uganda, includes; a tent, mattress, gas cookers, sleeping bag, chairs, headlights, cutlery, and tables.

Hiring a 4×4 vehicle together with a camping gear is very cheap and affordable and it is basically recommended for the low-earners who could not afford the expensive accommodations in the national parks and the expensive food sold in the restaurants there.

Besides saving money, camping outside in the national parks offers a very great experience more than even sleeping in the park’s lodges and camps because you will really feel the liveliness of the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

You will be sleeping amid various Uganda’s wild animals such as; lions, leopards, buffaloes, cheetahs, elephants, and hippos, among others. You will hear the roaring of the lion in the jungle as you feel the sweet songs from the African birds.

The rates for renting a car from 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA depends on which vehicle you are to take because every car has its own rate per day.

You should however not get worried of the prices because they are very affordable to every traveler – budget to luxury travelers.

Therefore, choose 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA as your favorite car rental company in Uganda to organize your road trip and also provide you with whichever type of tourist vehicle that you may need to use.

The company also has professional driver-guides who will drive you safely on the poor roads in Uganda’s national parks, hence order for one earlier to avoid inconveniences and reduce the risks of paying the surcharge of US$ 2000 which will be asked from you if you cause any serious damage on the vehicle during your safari.


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