Africa which is among the seven continents which make up the World features a wide range of different exciting attractions including different Wildlife Species, Cultural sites, tribes and other natural attractions like Physical features which include Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Lakes, Fall and more.

This amazing destination is popularly known for its stunning Wildlife which include Wild animals, Primates, Bird species, Reptiles, Insect Species, Plant life and Apes. Africa is ranked in the second largest position after Asia, its divided into five regions including North Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa and Central Africa.

East Africa is ranked to be the most favorite for most of tourists who visit Africa for great Safari vacations. Most of tourists to Africa are more interested in the must see species of Gorillas which are found in countries like Uganda and Rwanda.

Species of Gorillas are only found in this African Continent but not in all regions but rather you can only meet with these shy endangered ground dwelling apes while in the Eastern and Central part of Africa.

For East Africa, you can only go for these apes in Uganda and Rwanda as already mentioned above and for Central Africa, these apes are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.