How to Hire a Car with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda

4x4 Car Hire Uganda

The best way to save on your trip in Uganda is to hire a suitable 4×4 wheel drive Safari Jeep from various car rental agencies.

Most of those that have experienced this experience have traveled with 4×4 Car hire Uganda either for Self drive road trips or with a driver to drive you comfortably plus feeding you with different information.

4×4 Car Hire Uganda is your premier car rental agency in Uganda specializing in providing all modes of different brands of stable 4×4 wheel drive Safari Jeeps in Uganda which include Land Cruiser Prado Tx, Tz, V8, Toyota Rav4, Super Customs, Safari Vans, Land Cruiser Extended, Coaster and more at affordable Prices, renting a Car long term durations starting from three weeks on wards with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda you are offered a discount of 5% off the original prices. Below are the steps involved when hiring a car with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda:

Inquire with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda.

The main option of inquiring with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is via their online Platform (website: where most of their brands of Safari Jeeps in stock are displayed and this gives you room to choose any of your best choice.

Contact us page is available for you to write your message inquiring for availability and our reservation is available to attend to your questions regarding the booking of a car for your Self drive holiday in Uganda.

After inquire from a friend who has ever used 4×4 Car Hire Uganda for some recommendations and compare how are they rated as far as their services, Car rental terms and conditions governing the rental are also provided on the website such that you can read through and see whether they best fit your needs.

Confirm the Booking.

After all your surveys you are required to confirm your booking with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda and indicate your traveling dates such that your best choice Safari Jeep is reserved for you in time since they are on high demand and failure to do that you may be disappointed after missing to get one.

This booked Car will be issued to you on arrival by the driver but before it’s handed over to you, a hard copy of car rental terms and conditions is presented for you to read through such that you are informed and you must agree with them by signing on that copy.

After that check whether the car is in good conditions and take photos of it which indicate its current state such that its evidence on returning it back, after all that a car is handed over to you after payment with a receipt issued to you for confirmation.

If not, Entebbe airport we are also determined to deliver this car to which ever place you are, provided you direct us to your right location but for long distance locations from Kampala city you are required to pay money for fuel used for dropping this car to your location.

Mode of Payment.

Mostly the Payment for the Rental with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is done on your arrival with money paid in cash form, a receipt is issued to you for confirmation of your payment and remember to keep it for evidence in case of any fraud.

If not, cash payment you can use Pesa Pal but for this you will be required to pay in advance before your rental dates because money takes some period of time of about one to two weeks before arriving on the account.



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