Uganda’s Best Places to Stay with a Rooftop Tent Car

Rent a car Uganda

When you start planning your self-drive holidays to Uganda, take some time to plan exactly where you want to go and what you want to do and see, plus where to stay. You can set up your tent anywhere camping is allowed. Campsites, certain national parks or designated parking areas can allow camping. Check the guidelines of your local authorities to see if they allow camping with a car.

You will know what kind of camper you are. If you are truly adventurous but still like the comfort of a decent mattress, you will probably want to stay away from the crowds and will not need the additional peace-of-mind that a campsite provides, with showering, toilet, washing and cooking facilities available to paying guests.

Such people will want to camp out next to rivers, lakes, beaches, valleys, forests, and mountains. Having the right equipment such as solar panels, batteries, lights, gas hobs/rings or BBQs will enable you to be truly self-sufficient.

Camping in Kidepo Valley National Park

Rooftop tent camping in Kidepo national park is one of the thrilling ways of interacting with the wildlife. Apart from being a budget option of experiencing the park, you get to have closer encounters with the wild on your Uganda safari tour. Camping in Kidepo national park is done on the ridges of the Narus valley.

During the dry season. On your Uganda wildlife safari, you are given an armed guide for protection from the wild animals. A fire is kept going through the night to deter animals from approaching the site.

Kakine camp site is the most popular camp site in Kidepo national park. It overlooks the Narus valley and offers amazing views of the Savannah grasslands. The site has a toilet block with running water. The camp site offers 2 huts for cooking and storing your supplies. The fresh air is soothing and creates lasting memories.

Nagusokopire camp site This camp site is located on the western side of the park. The site too has a toilet block with running water and huts from your cooking and storing of supplies. This camp site offers amazing views of the Narus valley and the Narus valley. Plenty of wildlife can be seen as the day during your rooftop tent safari. An armed guide will keep the fires going through the night.

Rooftop tent camping in Murchison

The 4×4 Rooftop tent jeep camping in Murchison Falls is not only a budget accommodation option, but allows you to enjoy nature. Murchison falls national park offers various camp sites. On some of these camp sites, you may either carry your own tent or pay a little extra for a tent.

Uganda Wildlife Campsite

At the top of Murchison falls, Uganda wildlife authority offers a camp site that allows you to become one with nature. With your own camping facilities, visitors are allowed to set up camp in and enjoy the bird species and mammal species. A camp fire is set up every evening for your memorable safari.

The Delta

The Delta at Murchison falls offers an amazing spot for camping. Camping at the delta offers a beautiful view of the Albert Nile. The sound of the roaring lions in the late evenings provides a thrill for the 4×4 Car Hire Uganda.

Shoe bill campsite

Right at the edge of the park, the shoe bill campsite offers amazing views of the Nile River. The sounds of the hippos in the evening and birds in the morning and the stars in the night offer a perfect safari. With your own tents, the Shoe bill camp site offers one of the best budget accommodation option in Murchison Falls National Park.

Red Chili Camp

The hottest place to chill in Murchison! Red Chili is superbly located to explore the largest National Park in Uganda. It where all vehicles cross for Nile Delta game drives and from where boats depart for Falls & Delta trips. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the camp for game viewing though – hippo and warthog are regular visitors to the camp too.

It offers the only low to mid budget accommodation in the park, in furnished safari tents and Banda’s (small individual houses) with public or private bathrooms, as well as the only camping facilities with modern showers, toilets, cooking area and security lighting.

Rooftop tent camping in Lake Mburo

Camping in Lake Mburo National Park is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority and there are 3 campsites, the best option is the attractive lakeside camp that approximately 1.3 kilometers from the park headquarters.

Leopard Rest Camp is also one of the popular ones in Lake Mburo National Park. It has a good location overall and has a good sight position for watching wildlife in the park in you get to see animals grazing resting and bird watching is a very interesting activity here. For bird enthusiasts, the notable birds for you to spot out include crested francolin, red necked spur fowl, brown parrot, bare faced go away bird, and broad billed-rolle.

Rwonyo Rest Camp

This campsite is operated by Uganda wildlife authority. Rwonyo rest camp has got a good number of tents to favor the activity of camping in its premises, and again their Banda’s which are cabins.  It has got basic accommodation, but still in Rwonyo rest camp you can experience a tented camp without the added price and you can also camp with your rooftop tent vehicle.


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