Jinack Island

Jinack Island is in the North Bank Region of the Lower Niumi District of The Gambia, in West Africa.

It is located on the north western edge of the River Gambia estuary, and is separated from the mainland delta of the Niumi National Park by the Niji Bolon creek.

The isle, often referred to by tour operators as ‘Paradise Island’ or ‘Treasure Island’, is a slightly curved and tapering strip of low-lying land about 10km long; with an interior of dry woodland and grassland, with vegetation such as Tamarisk scrub, baobab trees and acacia.

It is fringed with mangrove creeks, tidal sand flats, saltwater marsh, low coastal dunes and a coastal lagoon, at Buniadu Point, in the northern section. In the winter season the isle is often visited by dolphins.

The two main villages of Jinack Kajata and Jinack Niji, are in the north-eastern end of the largely sandy isle, while the international boundary between Gambia and Senegal runs through the northern end of the isle.

However, the local Mandinka and Serer inhabitants move freely across the border to Djinack Diatako, a fishing orientated village across the border, in the Saloum Delta National Park.