Gunjur Village and Gunjur beach resort

These are in the Kombo South District, of the West Coast Region, in the southwest coastal strip of The Gambia, in West Africa.

It has an estimated population of 27,000 made up of mostly  Mandinka,  Jola, Fula, Manjago, Balanta, Karoninka and other  ethnic groups, mainly employed in artisanal fisheries and farming.

The settlement is 10 kilometres from Sanyang and 39 kilometres by road from the capital of Banjul. About 3km from the main town, and on the coast, is the bustling fishing village with its fish smoking houses and rows of multi-coloured African pirogues. North of the fish centre the beaches are excellent for miles.

The seafront area of Gunjur resort is, at most times, gloriously deserted, save for the odd passing cow and the occasional passer-by.

The strand is less geared to tourist than some of the northern holiday resorts and there are a few dotted beach bars and lodges nestled on the edge of huge rhun palm clusters and shoreline bush.

Pristine yellowish sand sweeps the edges of broad bays, presenting impressive views into the distant shoreline, and the sunsets are magnificent.

In terms of natural beauty, this region’s seafront perhaps only comes second to Sanyang, located further north.