Beaches in Gambia

The Kombo resort area is conveniently close to the ocean. Be warned that the tides and currents along some of The Gambia’s coastline can be surprisingly powerful, and sandbars are common, though the seawater is generally on the shallow side a good distance from the beaches.

There are only a few lifeguards in The Gambia, so use great caution when swimming and it’s not a good idea to go into the sea if you have come by yourself.  Before swimming in any location do look out for the lifeguard warning flags for current sea conditions.

If you are caught in a riptide current, try to swim parallel to the shoreline to escape it, and then swim back towards the land.

In some zones the rocks can be quite jagged, so it is recommended you avoid swimming or wading near visible boulders and crags.

The same eroded black sandstone offers a good opportunity for dipping in tide pools, but avoid coming into contact with any sea life such as snails, fish and crabs.

Finally, never touch any jellyfish, even if it is lifeless and washed-up on the sand, it may still sting you seriously.