Nyika National Park

Nyika National Park is the largest national park in Malawi, Occupying an area of 3,200 square km. nearly the entire area of the Nyika Plateau is covered by the park. A single dirt road leads to the park.

Wildflower-rich grasslands feature in the park all year round. The sky remains cloudy or foggy most of the year since the elevation of the Nyika Plateau makes it wetter than the surrounding areas. Trekking and mountain biking are enjoyed by tourists visiting the park.

The montane vegetation of the Nyika National Park attracts a many species of antelopes like elands, roan, and the common duiker. Zebra population is also significant here. Leopards thrive in the park.

Elephants are also common. More than 400 avian species can be observed here including the rare wattled crane and Denham’s bustard. Impressive waterfalls enhance the scenic beauty of the national park.