Majete Wildlife Reserve

The story of Majete Wildlife Reserve is perhaps the most interesting of all parks in Malawi. In the late 1990s most species of large game had been eradicated, mainly as a result of poor law enforcement and an inability to deal with poaching.

In 2003, however, a project spearheaded by the government, in liaison with local communities and a non-profit organization, took control of the situation and turned it around so that rehabilitation of the park could go ahead.

Today, as a result of infrastructure development including new fences, tracks and waterholes, nearly 3,000 animals of 13 species have been introduced including black rhino, elephant, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and eland.

In fact, Majete Wildlife Reserve is the only protected area in Malawi where the famous ‘big five’ can be seen. Poaching has been reduced significantly as a result of community outreach programmes and government enforcement.

There are various lodges offering a choice of accommodation with activities such as game drives, bird watching and treks.