Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park is located on the upper Shire River plain in Malawi. The national park’s southern gates can be accessed easily by walking or driving 6 km from the town center of Liwonde.

The park houses a good collection of flora and fauna. Some of the notable animals living here include crocodiles, hippopotamus, elephants, yellow baboons, sable antelopes, vervet monkeys, buffaloes, impalas, kudus, and waterbucks.

Over 400 species of birds live in the park. More than 1000 species of vascular plants have been reported to grow here. Mopane woodlands dominate the vegetation of the park.

Other Eco regions of the Liwonde National Park include reed swamps, marshes, floodplain grasslands, mixed woodlands, semi-deciduous riverine forest, etc.

Although tourism at the Liwonde National Park is still low-key compared to national parks in other countries, it is still a premier wildlife-watching destination in Malawi.

Due to the low number of predators, the national park is one of the few in the continent where game walks are possible. Canoe and boat safaris are also arranged for visitors.