Rent a 4×4 Rooftop Tent Safari Jeeps in Uganda

There is a wider range of 4×4 safari jeeps for renting that can maneuver you to any end point of your desire. It’s now becoming the travel trend to rent a 4×4 rooftop tent safari jeeps and cruise to any corner of the country. With greater natural encounters, many travelers have opted on top of their travel plan to adjust to having a night on top of their safari jeeps.

Why rent a 4×4 rooftop Safari Jeep

The 4×4 rooftop safari jeep is proved to enable exploring the country’s interior of raged terrains, these jeeps are designed with larger spaces which can accommodate up to 6 people. They can afford to accommodate up to rooftop tent of two people, they’re sized enough for family trips, and these jeeps are probably worth every cost spent on the trip.

A list of 4×4 rooftop safari jeeps in Uganda.

  • Land Cruiser Prado TX

The commonly used adventure jeep in Uganda, the Prado TX is a budget and mid-range vehicle. The vehicle comes fully equipped rooftop tent and all camping gears. The Toyota Prado TX ready for adventure are older model that can date back below 2010 but well serviced to ensure they always give that amazing adventure encounter. The vehicle can carry up to 5 capacity of travelers and reliable and capable to roll through all-weathered roads in Uganda.

  • Prado TZ

The rooftop tent Land Cruiser Prado TZ is fitting for double (2persons) rooftop tent, the vehicle possesses features of a like to the TX Jeeps. These are wonders for Uganda rooftop tent camping adventures, the vehicle has enough and larger space for carrying a set of all camping gears with the seating capacity of up to 5 travelers.

  • Nissan Patrol

Not so common but available for the rooftop tent camping requirements, the vehicle is at least longer to accommodate two double rooftop tents.

  • Land Cruiser V8/VX

The vehicle is only suitable for luxury tours, for that super rated night in the wild consider taking these fleets of Land Cruiser V8/VX. The vehicle is well equipped with weather awning and can be balanced for the 2 double rooftop tents. The vehicle can maneuver through all weathered roads and ensure a reach to your final destination.

  • Land Cruiser GX

If hunting for the best rooftop tent camping selection, this is an amazing selection. It’s an incredible rooftop rental for 2 double tents, the Land Cruiser GX was made for these encounters. They are available in manual and automation transmissions with two fuel tanks consuming diesel gas. The vehicle has enough space to carry up to over 600kg and designed with the 5-seating capacity.

  • Land Rover Defender

Another wild maneuverer, suitable for all weathered road, call it all terrain unstoppable. Their hard shell makes them perfect, like the name suggest defenders are better defenders for a night in the wild as they provide comfortable space for rooftop tent camping option.

  • Land Cruiser Hardtop

The land cruiser 70 series is the most preferred for adventure in Uganda and Africa at large. These are longer fleets to enable 2 double rooftop tents installed for a night. When opting an adventure off embarrassments, then can rent these vehicles for a perfect rooftop tent adventure. They are only available in the manual transmission and can be rented with a driver. A combination of being the most capable safari vehicle with rooftop tent camping makes this 79 series unmatchable fleet available.