Go Nairobi City Sightseeing Tour in Kenya

Nairobi is a diverse and exciting urban setting for you to spend one or two days exploring the many attractions within the city limits. A guided city tour takes you to some of the most distinctive attractions with a skilled and experienced guide that not only ensures your safety, but also efficiently navigates the high traffic roads, allowing you to enjoy all that Nairobi has to offer.

Because Nairobi is at an elevation, year-round temperatures tend to be quite mild. The best time to plan your tour activities is during the dry months of July to October and also January and February. The attractions you can’t miss out while on this Kenya tour include:

Discover Nairobi’s highlights, from historic landmarks to great views, on a half-day sightseeing tour of the city. You’ll see government offices housed in century-old buildings, visit the former site of the American Embassy, find panoramic views of the city, then tour the Nairobi Railway Museum, the Nairobi National Museum, and the snake park, finishing the tour with lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

Nairobi national park

Covering more than 45 square miles (117 sq. km) of grasslands, forests, rocky valleys, forests and wetlands is Nairobi National Park, Kenya’s oldest national park and the only one in the world that is situated amidst a capital city. The proximity to an urban center, though, does not diminish the wildlife presence within the park boundaries, though, as more than 100 species of mammal and over 500 types of avi – fauna are found in the park including 20 seasonal migrants from Europe.

No other place in the world you can photograph free-roaming leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino and other animals in its natural ecology against a city skyline. Should you visit during the rainy season, expect to be awed with the abundance of wildflowers, especially the yellow daisies that dominate the landscape.

The Athi River is a natural southern boundary of the park asset and is an admirable setting for quiet bush walks through a riverine forest that is filled with monkey and birds, as well as hippo and crocodile that are found in river pools and also zebras gathering on the park side of the river. Some of the most spectacular scenery in the park is at the southwestern boundary where small streams have carved steep valleys and hyrax may be seen on the rocks, as well as an occasional klipspringer, mountain reed buck and other fauna.

Nairobi National Museum

With a massive permanent collection that combines history, culture, and artwork, the Nairobi National Museum is a must for travelers interested in Kenya’s rich heritage. Artifacts are displayed across two floors, and a nature trail winds through the surrounding grounds, a botanical garden, and collections of outdoor sculptures.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned Trust

Spend an afternoon with some of Africa’s most iconic animals on this day tour from Nairobi that gives access to giant elephants. Tour the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned Trust and learn about conservation efforts being made to protect these massive mammals.

Bomas of Kenya and Carnivore Restaurant

Discover Kenya’s rich traditional cultures and tribes on an excursion from Nairobi to the Carnivore Restaurant and Bomas of Kenya. You’ll start with a hearty meal of hand-carved exotic meats served with all the fixings, then continue to Bomas of Kenya, where local people reproduce traditional homes, crafts, music, and dances from around the country. Watch a cultural performance of dance, acrobatics, and song, followed by time to explore a series of homesteads and shops. This cultural experience includes pickup and drop-off at Nairobi hotels, entrance fees, and lunch.

Nairobi city

Explore Nairobi’s history and culture on a 4-hour city tour, and discover the distinctive rhythms of the ‘green city in the sun.’ Take in the Nairobi Provincial Commissioner’s offices in a distinctive colonial building, and see the bustling campus of Nairobi University. Visit the poignant site of the former American embassy, and get panoramic views from a high hill; learn about Kenya’s rich heritage at the National Museum, see the Savannah’s slithering residents at the Snake Park then finish your tour over lunch at the carnivore restaurant, or equivalent.

Nairobi Snake Park is a distinct herpetology attraction that works to promote and preserve the snakes and reptiles that are found in Kenya. It serves as a botanical garden and location for live snake exhibits. The Nairobi Snake Park is not only a curious public attraction, but the peaceful grounds also offer a quiet setting to relax and absorb a small piece of the distinctive urban-natural beauty that is found in Kenya.

The Giraffe Center was first opened in response to the endangered status of the Rothschild giraffe, the population of which had declined, reaching a low of 130 animals in the wild as a result of agricultural practices in their native habitat. The most exciting part of your tour visit to the Giraffe Center is the experience of seeing these animals up close and even feeding them!

Nairobi Gallery is a national monument that houses art exhibits of both local and international artists. The Victorian-style structure was built in 1913 to serve as the Native Ministry, the governmental agency that is responsible for recording births, deaths and marriages. Before Kenya’s independence, the site was also used for a colonial courthouse and the Nairobi office of the provincial commissioner.